Precision Code Works is an online ECU tuning utility for remapping professionals.

An engine control unit (ECU) is essentially a program inside your vehicle that controls how the engine works. When your car is remapped, the ECU is overwritten to enhance engine performance. Precision Code Works (PCW) allows remapping professionals to upload their original ECU file, modify and make adjustments to it and download a brand new tuned ECU file that they can use to achieve superior performance.

When PCW hired me, they had made good progress on the backend, but the front end was lacking. I worked closely with the team to understand how ECU tuning works and came up with a slick and intuitive user experience that allows users to walk through the required steps, visually see their desired performance enhancements and download their new ECU file with ease. With over 3000 approved users, PCW are now processing more than 1000 calibrations per month.

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